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Brian Tucker CPA

About the Practice

Our practice has been established to provide quality accounting, auditing and taxation services to the arts, including, but not limited to:

  • Visual and performing arts practitioners
  • Writers, editors and publishers
  • Not-for-profit arts organizations, Aboriginal Art Centres, and others
  • Theatre and dance companies
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Brian Tucker CPA


We provide accounting services for sole traders, partnerships, companies, (including companies limited by guarantee), trusts, superannuation funds and incorporated associations.

Clients may supply information supplied in manual or electronic cash book format, as a MYOB or QuickBooks file, or as e-record reports or file.

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Brian Tucker CPA

Latest News

Resale Royalty Scheme

For all the latest news and updates on the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the office on (07) 3391 3413, or visit:
In brief, the Resale Royalty applies to new works as well as existing works.
Artworks covered include batiks, carvings, ceramics, collages, digital artworks, drawings, engravings, fine art jewellery, glassware, installations, lithographs, multimedia artworks, [...]