Resale Royalty Scheme

June 15, 2010

For all the latest news and updates on the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the office on (07) 3391 3413, or visit:

In brief, the Resale Royalty applies to new works as well as existing works.

Artworks covered include batiks, carvings, ceramics, collages, digital artworks, drawings, engravings, fine art jewellery, glassware, installations, lithographs, multimedia artworks, paintings, photographs, pictures, prints, sculptures, tapestries, video artworks and weavings.

The Resale Royalty applies to artworks where:

a) The seller acquires a work after 8 June 2010 ( i.e. it applies to the second transfer of ownership after 8 June 2010);

b) The sales price is over $1,000 (GST inclusive);

c) The artist is alive, or has been dead for fewer than 70 years;

d) The artist is from Australia or a reciprocating country;

e) The sale is covered by Australian law (i.e. it takes place in Australia);

f)The sale involves an art market professional (i.e. gallery, art dealer, auction house). Therefore, private sales will not attract the Resale Royalty;

g) The Resale Royalty is calculated as 5% of the sale price (GST inclusive);

h) Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) will administer the collection of royalties and distributions to artists;